Madonna Half Time Show at Super Bowl 2012 Fears Come True

Madonna 2012

Madonna feared that constructing and taking down the stage for her Super Bowl half-time performance would be a disaster. The singer admitted that it was immense pressure to “put on the greatest show on earth.” Yesterday’s game may be the most memorable Super Bowl Sunday since Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction.

Singer M.I.A., who was there to collaborate with Madonna for her song “Give Me All Your Luvin’.” The singer appeared to be mouthing expletives and presented her middle finger as part of the performance. Cee Lo Green and Nicki Minaj also appeared on stage to perform other songs with the superstar.

Attempts were made to censor M.I.A.’s illicit movement and the image was momentarily blurred. The half-time show is sponsored by the NFL, who made no immediate comment. NBC offered a quick apology to the estimated 100 million Super Bowl viewers.

Songs featured in the performance included “Like A Prayer,” “Music,” and “Vogue.”

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