Which Streaming Movie Service is the Best?


We Demand And We Demand It Now: Streaming Movies And The Options We Have The On-Demand era is officially upon us. No longer are we bound by what is on TV according to networks. No longer are we bound by what is not available for rent at the video store. No longer are we, the consumers of all things digital, pigeonholed into just settling for what is put in front of us to watch or listen to.

Streaming music and streaming movies are relatively new services, the later being the newest, in a world where the “on-the-go” is in vogue. Being able to watch what you want when you want is so simple and commonplace now with mobile devices, laptops, cell phones, knick-knacks, patti-whacks, that ten years ago (in the year 2000 when they should’ve come out!), such things would have been considered, THE MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD.

If you stop to think about for a second, we definitely take for granted what technology and innovation has given us to make our lives “more convenient.” I absolutely hate it when I see people at the airport whining and moaning about the most inconsequential things, like God has done them a disservice, never mind the fact that they are about to take part in the miracle of flight. But, I digress. Even though we bitch and moan about or devices not working, our phones cutting out, our lost luggage, etc, etc, we do in fact pay for these goods and services. With all this money feeding back into the void, you would think things would and should be perfect. Heck, why haven’t the techies been able to figure out how to stream movies directly to my brain? I want to smell the gunpowder and fire from Bruce Willis’s gun. I want to feel that giant shark biting my face off. I want to welcome Megan Fox into my arms as she’s ducking that giant robot. Hello? We’re waiting in our “connected” living rooms… what is taking so long?

While we wait for the ultimate move experience, we’re stuck with streaming for now, and just like there are a variety of airlines to choose from to get from A to B, there are a variety of on-demand and streaming services out there that are vying for our attention. They are trying to provide us with our insatiable demand for that “new release,” because we want it now, we know it’s available, and we’re willing to pay for it.

Which movie streaming service is the best streaming service? Let us examine…

Cost: £5.99 / month
Deal: 1 free month
Library: thousand’s of film and television titles available digitally or on DVD
What you need: Laptop, PC, tablets, smartphones, internet TV or through HDMI cable, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3.
Netflix takes the cake as the best service due to its increasing library of television programs, films, and availability across more machines for a nominal price.

Cost: 39P/ TV episode. 99P / film. £3.49 / new release
Deal: Tesco Clubcard holders who buy a DVD get a free download
Library: 10,000 films. 900 free films
What you need: Laptop, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, TV through HDMI cable

Cost: £4.99 / month. £3.49 / new releases
Deals: 1 free month
Library: 6,890 films and shows. 1,000 new releases
What you need: Laptop, PC, internet TV or through HDMI, Xbox 360 and PS3

Cost: Go to the website. The options are ridiculous. It’s Cable TV maxed out to the extreme on steroids (Sky+, Sky+HD, Sky3D, Sky Anytime+, SkyGo, Sky Multiroom, Sky apps
Deals/Perks: 3 months half off for Sky Movies Pack, Free Sky+ box, Free set up, £25 M&S voucher
Catalogue: Access to 39 channels plus 600 films for Movies Pack subscribers.
What you need: Laptop, PC, iPhone or iPad, selected Android models and Xbox 360

Cost: Starting at 99p for older films and up to £3.99 / new releases
Deals: None
Library: Under 1,000 movies
What you need: Laptop or PC

Cost: Free
Deals: None, but a lot of advertising
Library: 70 TV shows and 40 movies. Titles change each week.
What you need: A free app from www.crackle.com for iPhone, Android phones, iPad and Xbox 360

Cost: TV shows from £1.99 per view, older titles from £2.99 and new releases from £3.99.
Deals: None.
Library: Under 1,000 movies
What you need: Laptop or PC

Cost: Free
Deals: Not possible
Library: User based. Sometimes people are able to rip and upload whole films at once or broken up into parts.
Quality: Its YouTube. No one is looking for perfection here.

Movies, Programmes, Books, Music, Podcasts, most everything is in HD and you can stream everything to all of your Apple devices. HA HA! There’s the catch.

Pricing varies for renting and owning, but if you are an Apple-ite, your satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed.

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