One Direction 2012: Zayn Malik to Close His Twitter Account

Zayn MalikLast night (21st August 2012), One Direction’s Zayne Malik closed his Twitter account after he received a flood of nasty comments.

Anyone now attempting to visit Zayn Malik’s twitter page will see the message, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” in place of Zayn’s his Twitter updates.

In a series of tweets, the famous singer said: If you want to know why I’m not tweeting as much these days, it is because I’ve had enough of all these horrible messages and pointless opinions that I get every day. Bye bye Twitter. Anyone who wants to send me a nice message can send it via One Direction’s Twitter account.

A short while afterwards, #Zayncomeback and #comebackZayn were trending. Before he quit Twitter, Zayne had over five million people following him.

Nobody knows which messages were the ones that made him decide to leave Twitter, but one of the recent hot topics amongst Twitter users has been his relationship with Perrie Edwards, member of girl group Little Mix and fellow ex-X Factor contestant. It was rumoured that he had been flirting with one of the dancers at the closing ceremony of the Olympics, and after that the whole of Twitter was buzzing about the topic.

If Zayne thinks he is alone in being a bullied celebrity, he certainly isn’t. Whether on the internet or in person many celebrities are the subject of unfair treatment. For example, just a couple of days earlier on Sundayt 19th August, Cher Llloyd was forced to leave the stage at the V Festival after people threw urine in bottles at her. She ran off stage crying, but returned later to continue her performance.

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