Believe (Acoustic) – Justin Bieber – Album Review

Believe (Acoustic) | Justin Bieber | Album ArtworkDo we really need this, would a b side acoustic version of a track not be sufficient, well we have got it. In this album Justin shows the YouTube cover stars he can still return to his roots and sing and perform acoustic tracks. Well he is the original YouTube superstar, he showed the hopefuls that it is possible.

His latest album Believe definitely topped the charts and on this album you will hear them all again with a slight twist… their acoustic. One bonus of the acoustic album is that it does show us how Justin has progressed and that without the studio tricks we can hear the real Justin Bieber sound.

When Boyfriend starts we get a sultry, Justin Timberlake style track. A nice twist to the song but without the production the fondue lyric actually is cringe worthy. Not to worry though As Long As You Love Me sounds rather promising with a softer sound, again some of the lyrics feel a bit more cringey.

One highlight I would say is Beauty and The Beat which actually does sound good acoustic, at the start it took me a while to recognize it.

Good on Justin for trying something new but I think I would prefer the previous, this seems too different. Credit should be given to Dan Kanter the guitarist who has done an epic job. Nothing Like Us is the first track to be written by Justin and produced, it is a sweet piano led track and I would say it’s about time… finished the album off beautifully.

On the whole a bit too much of a change but I did enjoy the new track Nothing Like Us, a definite highlight…

Have you heard this album yet, what did you think? If you haven’t you can get it here!


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