Justin Timberlake Is Back!

Justin Timberlake 2012The man Justin Timberlake is back and with quite a bang with some pretty prestigious performances planned. Last night marked the first of many at a pre-Super Bowl Bash.

He took to the stage in New Orleans in a black tuxedo with his 2002 solo single, Like I Love You. This was his chance and he really did grab it by the horns, backed by a 10 piece band, guest such as Jay Z and on the whole an unforgettable performance. He delighted his fans with an exclusive performance with his new track, Suit and Tie with Roc Nation’s Jay Z.

His newest single was not the only exclusives as he performed another two brand new tracks from his upcoming album, Little Pusher Love Girl and That Girl. This isn’t the only planned gig as he will be performing at the Grammy Award ceremony and the Brit Awards on this side of the pond

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