Bitcoin Analyst Says BTC Could Reach $25,000 by End of 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) price analyst Oliver Isaacs thinks it will hit $25,000 around the end of 2019, according to a report by The Independent on June 5.

Isaacs discussed the reasons he still has high hopes for a rally in the near future, saying:

“There are multiple drivers behind the recent resurgence. There are geopolitical, technological and regulatory drivers. The net effect of the trade war between the U.S. and China has led to the sudden interest in bitcoin as a hedge on investments.”

Draper also reportedly commented on the state of mainstream adoption trends, with giant corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Whole Foods all now accepting payments in crypto.

Investor Tim Draper thinks that mainstream adoption will occur within the next few years. Draper goes so far as to claim that BTC will hit $250,000 by 2023. He commented on how he pictures the near future looking, saying:

“I think when you go to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee, and you try to pay with dollars, they will laugh at you because you are not using bitcoin or other cryptocurrency […] It will be like the old lady paying out with pennies.”

Analysts at SFOX have been more pessimistic, calling the outlook for the crypto market “uncertain” and cautioning that bitcoin’s recent growth may have been simple FOMO (fear of missing out). They also pointed to the United State’s ongoing trade war with China as a reason for BTC’s rally last month.
As previously reported by Cointelegraph, The University of Notre Dame and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory conducted a study concerning the speed and scale of cryptocurrency discussions on Reddit. The study observed price and discussion on official subreddits for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Monero (XMR) from January 2015 to January 2018.

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  • Bitcoin Analyst Says BTC Could Reach $25,000 by End of 2019 Piske  

    You will not even see 10k so stfu


    • Parker Piske  

      That’s big talk for a greedy Piske.


      • Bitcoin Analyst Says BTC Could Reach $25,000 by End of 2019 Salmaan Ahmed Piske  

        This imbecile piske is a classic. I recall him crowing around December last year claiming bitcoin was “heading to zero”. He must have got his arse well & truly burnt since then. Butt still stings, obviously.


    • James Piske  

      lol – lets see what happens then


      Bitcoin likely to pass $50k if these funds keep buying it all up


  • Joe Sv  

    @piske That is laughable – provide some TA to back your claim. Ignorant fool


  • Bitcoin Analyst Says BTC Could Reach $25,000 by End of 2019 Myth Debunker  

    “Analysts” Reasons – Trade War with China, where did they find there so called analysts..serving fast food at Mickie Dees, lol?

    Yeah, that’s it the non existent trade war with China caused complete panic and a huge capital shift from traditional banking CRYPTOS..and everyone acted simultaneously within a two hour time span, on one day, lol.

    Had nothing to do with the giant dumps and pumps, (three to be exact, all corresponding with the one day spikes) and wash trading, bogus trade volumes being reported, and other price manipulation techiques carried out by fraudulant exchanges that have stunk up the entire crypto ecosystem to the point where cryptos are being written off a joke and a Hoax..

    I hope the whole ecosystem collapses in on itself from the weight of the fraud, lies and deceit, opening the space up to legitimate digital currencies that run independently of blockchain and proven themselves a legitimate store of value before being allowed to be traded on exchanges.


    • James Myth Debunker  

      Funny that – with Facebook, Fidelity and other top companies entering the space – do you even know what Bitcoin is? These are billion dollar companies.


      Stick to your day job chump and let the big boys make money


  • Bitcoin Analyst Says BTC Could Reach $25,000 by End of 2019 fareedah  

    Hmmm, let me get some bags with Veil and Xrp


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