may integrate to their block explorer, says Corbin Fraser

In a recent vlog for, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of along with Bitcoin Web developer, Corbin Fraser shared some insights about the newly released software and applications in the crypto world.

The web developer informed the audience about which is available on the mainnet for the public. provides a simpler way for users to share a Bitcoin cash address. Fraser informed that Copay, a Bitcoin wallet has given a green light to the software and are integrating it, along with many other wallets. He also mentioned that even is looking into and might integrate the cash account into their block explorer.

Fraser also took the opportunity to address the privacy steps to be taken by the audience to ensure their data is secure. Fraser said:

“If you’re concerned at all with privacy, I would recommend creating a new wallet specifically for this. Especially if you’re tying in your personal details personal name into the cash account ID.”

There are also talks of integrating stealth address to ensure privacy especially “if you’re tying in your personal details personal name into the cash account ID.”

The BCH proponent also talked about Bitbacker, an alternative website to Patreon which charges about 1% compared to Patreon which charges between 10% to 30%. The Bitcoin duo also discussed the privacy concerns on many applications like Reddit and quipped about making another video on this.

“I think the censorship we’ve seen on places like Reddit r/Bitcoin is quite a bit stronger than even some of the censorship we’ve been seeing on Patreon” said Fraser.

Ver and Fraser also discussed the feasibility of Ver explained the concept of Gateway cash and how convenient it is to the guests on his shows and cited the example credit cards and how they can be stopped from functioning from the end of the banks. However, this is not the case with Ver said:

“If you host everything yourself and you have your private keys, nobody, in the entire world can stop you from receiving payments from anyone in the entire world which is very different than credit card or PayPal our bank account.” 

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