CZ’s Binance Coin [BNB/BTC] close to breaching all-time highs; bulls take charge

Binance Coin [BNB] is performing stunningly considering the top 10 cryptocurrencies which are barely coping up with the correction after the recent rally. The BNB/BTC pair is almost at its previous all-time high, and breaching its all-time high is a matter of “when?” and not “if”.


As seen below, the one-day chart shows how BNB coin is rallying without a stop, breaking two patterns [falling wedge and ascending channel pattern].

Source: TradingView

The falling wedge that was being formed was broken when the price slipped above the wedge pattern on December 3, 2018. This rally has been in continuation ever since the formation of the second pattern, ascending channel pattern.

The prices for BNB broke this channel on February 5, 2019, signaling a bullish move further ahead. The spike for BNB coin is continuing as it touches the BNB/BTC all-time high price which was formed in mid-2018.

The volume for BNB shows a phenomenal increase, supporting the rally to new all-time highs. The price of BNB/BTC is at 0.00264 BTC; the body of the new price candle has successfully breached the all-time highs.

However, the wick of the present price candle [that has not yet closed] at 0.0026862 BTC and is slightly lower than the wick of the all-time high [0.0026544 BTC].

The Relative Strength Index is also showing massively overbought indications as it is reaching the 80-line.


The BNB/BTC is very high, as people are excited about BNB’s pump. People are expecting the margin trading option to be implemented on the Binance exchange soon.

In addition to the above, CZ’s recent tweet can also be speculated as a reason for the rally.

CZ’s Binance Coin [BNB/BTC] close to breaching all-time highs; bulls take charge

@heyibinance, a Twitter user commented:

“the sun is always behind the storm. So is the coin price. #bitcoin #BNB”

@tommyp408 tweeted:

“I am holding BNB for at least 8 to 10 years so I don’t really care what the price is from month to month.

What matters is Binance continues to win more market share through innovations and provide top quality services to their customers. The price usually takes care of itself.”

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