EOS, Tron [TRX] emerge as clear winners in the battle of dApps; Ethereum [ETH] suffers

Despite the continued gloomy market, mass adoption of dApps [Decentralised Applications] has not taken a back seat. Ethereum [ETH] transactions for Decentralised Apps [dApps] accounted for over $7.6 billion, according to the latest statistics. Most of these come from DEX [Decentralised Exchange], however, adoption of dApps on Ethereum’s platform has been crushed by an increase in dApps in the platform of EOS, followed by Tron.

Out of the total number of 1,423 Dapps created by the end of 2018, Ethereum accounted for 1,045, followed by EOS with 235 and Tron with 97. About 40% of the transaction volume of dApps was created by DEX [Decentralised Exchange]. Categorically, Gambling witnessed a mass adoption in all three digital asset’s forum. The transaction volume of the three major digital currencies comes to about $13 billion.

dApps on the EOS platform first garnered attention during mid-2018 and has been embraced widely ever since. The adoption rocketed in November and gradually declined till January, maintaining its position at the top. EOS accounted for a total of 55% of the total transaction on the network in USD. Gambling soared, encompassing a whopping 66%, while games stood at 10% and other exchanges at 24%. Major players in EOS platform were PRA Candy Box with 8.9k users [other], ENBank – 5.8k users [other], EOS Knights – 5.8k users [games], and BIG GAME – 2.9k users [gambling] recorded in the past 24 hours.

Following the trail is Tron [TRX] which managed to swipe 38% of the on-chain USD. The key player trending on Tron’s platform is Epic Games, from the games section, followed by PLAY GOC – 4.1k users, Crazy Dogs Live – 3.6k users, ALLBET – 3.2k users [all in gambling category], among others.

Of the total transacted volume of $5.5 billion, around 70% of the transactions were steered towards gambling dApps. For Tron, it does not end here. The coin’s increase in valuation, coupled with Tron’s acquisition of BitTorrent and faster transactional speed than its rivals, has chalked up the asset’s steady rise in the otherwise bear market.

Ethereum dApps have slushed in the recent poll in the adoption of dApps on its platform, accounting only for a 6% of the total transaction in USD volume. Gambling on the platform constituted 47%, while gaming tucked in 28% and other exchanges at 25%. The main players in the network are IDEX – 773 users [decentralized exchange], FCK [betting], FORKDELTA – 654 users [decentralized exchange], among others. A mere 3% of the total transactional volume of ETH is spiraled towards the dApps.

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