Ethereum [ETH]’s Joseph Lubin opens up about ConsenSys lay-offs

Joseph Lubin, the Founder of ConsenSys, a blockchain software development company, and the co-founder of Ethereum, spoke about one of the controversial topics surrounding the company, during an interview with CNNMoney Switzerland. The topic under discussion was ConsenSys lay-offs, which drew the attention of the entire space including the likes of Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun.

The news regarding ConsenSys lay-offs first broke out towards the end of 2018, wherein the blockchain company announced that they have dismissed over 13% of its members, stating that they were streamlining several departments in the firm.

This was later followed by a report from the Verge claiming that the company would be laying off 50% to 60% of its employees, which summed up to around 1200, resulting in the majority of the members in the community discussing the future of the firm.

Lubin soon spoke about the matter in hand on his official Twitter handle, wherein he said that the company was healthy and that they were working on rebalancing their priorities and activities, which started about nine months ago.

“We are creating transitions for some projects that we believe don’t fit as well into the ConsenSys 2.0 vision as they did in ConsenSys 1.0, and we are working on ways to continue to support these projects going forward as we sketch plans for a ConsenSys alumni network.”

Joseph Lubin, during the recent interview, said:

“Well we’ve been around for around four years and our main mission during that period was to build out the infrastructure for Ethereum, to take that infrastructure and apply it to corporate situations consortium situations and to foster adoption to educate and we I believe that we were reasonably successful doing that”

This was followed by the Founder stating that the company recently “realized” that this is a competitive ecosystem and that there is a need to “tool” the company to compete in this ecosystem. He said:

“so there were some job functions that we didn’t need going forward and there are other job functions that we do need going forward so even the press may have focused on a kernel of of news. we’ve also hired a hundred people in in the last two months”

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