Part 2: Ripple/XRP: The End Game: Dred it, Run from it, XRP still arrives


SBI Holdings has strategically placed itself with partnerships, to stay at the forefront of the crypto/blockchain revolution. The partnerships mainly include companies, Ripple and R3, with the inclusion of Swift in specific situational condition.

This article addresses how XRP will come out on top in every possible scenario due to SBI Holdings’ precise and meticulously planned partnership. The details about SBI’s partnerships with Ripple and R3 are addressed in Part 1 of the opinion article.

Japan’s Payments Industry

Japan, when compared to its neighboring countries like China or India, is lagging when it comes to payment and FinTech technologies, but SBI CEO, Yoshitaka Kitao is planning to level the playing field.

Moreover, less than 70% of Japanese supermarkets prevent using credit cards due to an expensive onboarding process wherein credit card payment terminals cost ¥100,000 [approx. $900] to install, in addition to the monthly fees for their lease. Due to this disparity in FinTech, Japanese authorities have set up a FinTech growth strategy with the ultimate aim of doubling the adoption rate of digital payments [currently at a measly 19%] over the next decade.

In addition to the above, Japan’s Forex Industry is also untapped and ripe for harvesting due to legacy payment solutions being used. A theory by slinuxuzer outlines how Japan’s Forex industry contributes to a whopping $5-6 trillion of the global forex markets and if Ripple with its products taps even 1% of this industry, it could be huge.

Connecting The Dots

The Japan bank consortium, led by SBI Ripple Asia, is comprised of 61 banks covering more than 80% of all banking assets in Japan. MoneyTap has the potential to reap the benefits through Japan bank consortium to have a major reach in all of Japan.

Furthermore, SBI announced in their Financial Results on January 31, 2019, that they are planning to take their R3 and Ripple partnership to another level.

SBI Holdings, through their partnership with R3 and Ripple, plan to take over all of Japan’s industries, some of which include, Trade Finance, Global Cash Management, Remittance, Supply Chain etc. This elaborate and well thought out plan could be achieved with the help of ILP [Interledger Protocol].

Taking over Japan


Leveraging partnership with Ripple, SBI Holdings, created an application called “MoneyTap” which makes use of Ripple’s blockchain technology – xCurrent. The application has reduced friction and changed how money moves between people and banks.

With the help of MoneyTap, the transfer between banks is now 24 x 7 x 365 and unlike other applications and services, MoneyTap doesn’t require fees for facilitating the transaction.

MoneyTap has already gained huge traction as it has captured a majority of the inter-bank transfers and customers and will continue to do so.


The remaining domestic sectors of Japan like the Financial Industry, Trade Finance, Health Care, Repo Trading, Supply chain will be captured by leveraging the partnership with R3 and making use of its product, Corda.

Corda is a distributed ledger technology that helps communicate and settle transactions between financial and Corporate institutions using distributed ledger technology. With the recent launch of the Corda Network and XRP being the bridge currency, SBI, as per their investor disclosure presentation of 2019, said that they will integrate S Coin platform with Corda.

S Coin

S Coin Platform which makes use of Orb DLT can be used to issue many types of digital currencies, which can then be used for settlement methods, including cryptocurrency or prepaid electronic money.

Source: SBI Holdings Inc Financial Results

The main reason for using S Coin platform by SBI is to reduce settlement cost and the use of cash significantly by providing original settlement coin.


SBI Holdings, in all of their Financial Result presentations, have always mentioned achieving “synergy” between different sectors to help increase productivity and take out the competition.

Putting two-and-two together it can be concluded that SBI will bring Corda and S Coin together by using Ripple’s ILP [Interledger Protocol].

ILP connects two different blockchains and provides easy bi-directional movement of information which is a much-needed solution at a time when there are a massive number of blockchains being developed.

With Corda’s privacy and interoperability and ease of settling transactions between financial and corporate institutions and S Coin’s ability to issue new tokens and link it with various cryptocurrencies or Cash or gold provides a very unprecedented incentive and a wide range of application.


Moreover, this plan of SBI will make use of XRP as a settlement or bridge currency to facilitate transaction be, it domestic or international. The domestic transactions will most likely happen with Corda Setter and various CorDapps and the international will transactions, like the remittance and cross-border, will happen with Ripple’s xRapid product.

Considering the global forex market, the Japanese Yen is the third largest currency and it contributes a total of $1 trillion to the global market. Assuming that Corda and XRP will be used due to their ease of installing it with legacy systems and fast settlement times with virtually no or minimal fees. If Corda even achieves to tap 1% into this well of opportunities it could easily push the sentiments of XRP hodlers and price of XRP to a whole other level.

In every scenario, XRP seems to be something that is connecting everything together. Ripple and SBI Holdings are connected through Ripple’s products, xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia; XRP comes into picture for the remittance/cross-border payments.

SBI Holdings and R3 and connected with each other as they plan to make use of Corda which has a high affinity towards XRP.

Ripple and R3  had their dispute but are connected via the use of XRP in their systems.

Furthermore, SBI’s CEO Yoshitaka Kitao has been saying it time and again that XRP will triumph when it comes to payments and has a dream of achieving a superior payment system for Japan utilizing Ripple, R3, and XRP, and he plans to do it before the Osaka Expo 2025.

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