Ripple announces XRP Ledger 1.2.0; a new and an upgraded version of the XRPL

Ripple recently announced the launch of an upgrade to their XRP Ledger. The new update is XRP Ledger 1.2.0 and users running the XRP Ledger server must upgrade before February 27, 2019.

The insight page of Ripple’s website posted the details of the update on 13 February 2019, and it explains how the upgrade helps prevent the censorship of transactions on the XRP Ledger.

The update has a new feature called MultisignReserve Amendment and includes incremental improvements to the code that handles offers in the decentralized exchange.

The existing XRP Ledger has something termed as the Based Reserve and Owner Reserve, which determines the amount of XRP a person must hold in his specified address. MultisignReserve Amendment, which is named as “fixTakerDryOfferRemoval and fix1578 Amendments,” reduces the aforementioned amount required.

The new update to the ledger also reduces this requirement to 5 XRP from a previous requirement of 15 to 50 XRP. Further, this update removes the dependency of the owner reserve on the number of SignerList required for multi-signing XRP transactions. The update information released on Ripple insight read,

“One of the major benefits of decentralized blockchain technologies, such as the XRP Ledger, is censorship resistance. Already highly resistant to censorship attempts, with the release of version 1.2.0 of the XRP Ledger, servers now have the ability to automatically detect transaction censorship attempts and issue warnings of increasing severity for transactions that a server believes should have been included in a closed ledger after several rounds of consensus.”

The update also urges the people operating the XRP Ledger server to upgrade their servers to the latest version i.e, 1.2.0 before the given date. If however people fail to do so, the server would fail to determine the validity of a ledger and by extension, it would not be able to submit or process transactions etc.

On the update, Twitter user, cryptographer and software engineer @nibougalis had this to say,

“We have been busy writing code, but it’s not just us. We had several external contributors, including GitHub user demonstefan, which identified and fixed a bug involving dry offers!”

@haydentiff also tweeted saying,

“While some people are busy tweeting FUD about the @Ripple C++ team, they’re busy writing code.
The 1.2.0 release of rippled hit GitHub today and has over 100 commits.”

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