Ripple/XRP: Reporters take another unsuccessful stab at the XRP Army; CTO comes to the rescue

XRP army aka the XRP community has been caught up in the crossfire of the reporters yet again due to the controversy of it being aggressive and turning “neutral analysts” against XRP.

The shots fired against the XRP community and the reporters took place on one of the most active platforms for cryptocurrencies – Twitter. The thread grew in size after David Gerard’s tweet, a prominent author.

The tweet stated:

“the absolutely dumbest thing about the XRP Army is their assumption that everyone who thinks they’re ridiculous idiots *must* be a Bitcoin Maximalist

crypto, do you think you could stop delivering some time”

@SbMeunier added to the original tweet as he stated:

“The irony is that the XRP Ripple trolls are so dumb that instead of persuading people about the benefits of their system, they turn everybody, even the most neutral analysts, against XRP”

Gerard replied to this comment by saying that he doesn’t object the of XRP and that it has some potential use-case in the payment industry but continued that these products by Ripple had “no practical use-case takers” and that Ripple was “bad at coming up with ideas that turn to production”.

Another Twitter user, @brad7632 commented that “so far no practical use-case” and “bad at coming up with these ideas that turn to production” was why the XRP community/army would get “crazy”.

Gerard replied:

“well, I see a ton of pilot programmes and not a lot of production systems … and see @Frances_Coppola’s explorations into Ripple’s recent claims of production XRP – shell “banks” and so forth”

The conversation moved into xRapid – a product of Ripple that utilizes XRP to facilitate cross-border payments almost instantly, as @FMGC supported the “xRapid not being used” FUD saying that it was due to lack of regulatory clarification.

@frances_coppola commented:

“I’d guess that the biggest obstacles to xRapid adoption by major banks are concerns about control, capacity and FX risk. Because XRP is a traded token, there is FX risk at both ends of every transaction, even same-currency ones.”

Frances Coppola stated that banks and other financial institutions wouldn’t take a leap of faith in trusting a token that they cannot control. Since XRP has no controlling authority Coppola said that it would act as a major hurdle for Ripple’s xRapid to flourish.

David Schwartz jumped in to neutralize the scenario as he tweeted:

“Big banks are not one thing and compete with each other. Something nobody controls is way better than something your competitors control”

Other prominent members in the XRP got into this argument/FUD about Ripple and xRapid but there was no reply from the original creator of the thread, David Gerard or the reporter Frances Coppola.

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