Tron [TRX] prepares for tougher battles as DApp weekly report gives complete details

The cryptocurrency market’s volatile behavior has only been matched by the sheer number of updates and developments from different rosters, with Tron [TRX] being a stellar example. The latest Tron DApp Weekly report released by the Tron Foundation talks about multiple steps taken by the organization to propagate the cryptocurrency as well the industry as a whole.

The Justin Sun led company has mentioned that the final report before the auspicious Chinese Lunar New year aims to inform users about the DApp developments as well as the later steps the company plans to take. The report states that the number of Tron’s Dapps has increased from 0 to 180. According to statistics, a total of 7 DApp Stores have set up dedicated sections for Tron Dapps and these stores are Tron.dapp, DappRadar, Dappreiew, Spidersotre,, and Dapp.bird. It further detailed that:

“…on DappRadar, 30 DApps from Tron and EOS topped the DAU chart and none of Ethereum’s DApps made it to the top 30. In terms of DApp trading volume, through Tron tied with EOS in the recent month, the trading volume of Tron’s DApps reached its peak on January 16 and the number was 328% that of EOS on the same day.”

In terms of the UX developed by Tron, the Foundation has said that the upcoming DApp will be called TRONCRAFT, a FOMO game with the release date stipulated to be January 30. Details from the report create a picture of benefits being given to users who jump on the TRONCRAFT bandwagon first.

Another update pointed out by Tron is the DApp Cooperation, mainly the Tron Candy Box which is a collaboration project of Prochain and Tron. The Tron Candy Box which was launched this week is developed by Prochain based on the Tron MainNet, a DApp that allows users to receive a variety of Tron candies for free.

Tron was also in the news recently when it was announced that 5000 BitTorrent tokens had been through a successful airdrop to users. Justin Sun had tweeted:

“I would like to explore the possibility with @binance to giveaway free $BTT to everyone on launchpad fails to get #BTT today. #BitTorrent community wants you! Not 100% guarantee. Need to figure out detail. BUT RT if you agree! @cz_binance #TRON $BNB $TRX”

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