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United Kingdom: New 2018 Britannia Proof quality coins feature classical depiction of iconic allegorical figure


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The Royal Mint has launched (4th July) their latest line of Britannia Proof quality coins in both gold and silver, with a new unique design featured every year. This year, the Royal Mint chose the design created by David Lawrence, whose fresh new design of Britannia has captured the spirit of a nation, portraying Britannia as a familiar figure looking forward towards a changing horizon. The image has a romanticised, classical feel inspired by ancient Rome. Each year, the launch of the Royal Mint’s classic coin presents an opportunity for the organisation to work with a British artist to recreate one of Britain’s most iconic national symbols. Britannia has appeared on Britain’s coinage for centuries, her history interwoven with that of the nation she represents. The artist commented about his preparation for the depiction of Britannia, in which he admitted asking family members to pose in bedsheets and broomsticks for reference shots until he could devise some pleasing shapes to complete the final design to submit.

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The result is a classical depiction of a profile of the beloved female allegorical figure facing to the right, resplendent in her intricately decorated helmet, with rays of sunshine behind her. The text encircling the design includes the word BRITANNIA and the weight of the coin along with the fineness and metal. The year of issue is placed below the primary design.

The obverse of all gold and silver coins includes the fifth effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II, as designed by Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark, and has been on all British circulation and most commemorative coins since 2015.

The set of 2018 Britannia Proof quality coins includes, for the first time, a one-kilo silver weight with a face value of 500 pounds. Two weights and denominations for the gold Proof quality coins, which are part of the range, are available separately with the remaining various sizes being available as part of six and three-coin sets.

A six-coin gold set (220 sets) is available with sizes ranging from one ounce (£100) to 1/40-ounce (50 pence) with the three-coin set (170 sets) consisting of the 1/2-ounce (£50) to the 1/10-ounce (£10).

A silver six-coin set (1,350 sets) is also available with sizes from one ounce (£2) to 1/20-ounce (five pence) with the one-ounce silver Proof available separately. A 1/4-ounce platinum coin with a face value of £25 is also added to the 2018 Proof Britannia range with a mintage of 600 pieces.

The gold and platinum coins are presented in hardwood high-gloss cases with numbered certificates of authenticity, while the silver options are housed in black matte leatherette cases and are also accompanied by numbered certificates of authenticity. For additional information on these and other coins available from the Royal Mint, please visit their website.


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